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  Form Fill Seal Machines  

Auger Base (FFS) Form Fill Seal Machine

Model No.: BP-1007
Auger Base FFS Machine

-------- APPLICATIONS --------
Auger base ffs machine is one of our form fill seal machines which are manufactured with high degree of precision to handle diverse type of non free flowing powdered products (Also known as powder packing machine) like Custard Powder filling and packing, Roasted Ground Coffee, Spices, Talcum Powder packaging, Detergent Powder packing, Pharmaceutical Powders, Dyes and Coloring agents Powder, Distemper Powder, Pesticides etc.

High Accuracy on this filling system is achieved due to accurate design of Auger Screw, very sophisticated clutch brake and micro processor control system.
Auger Filler can also be used as a individual filling machine for hand filling operation.
All the contact parts of auger base ffs (form fill seal) machine are made of Stainless steel (SS-304) which makes the parts corrosion resistant in addition to longer life.
Auger Filler works on a hi-speed screw dosing principle which can be easily synchronised.

-------- FEATURES --------
Convenient & hygienic form of Packaging and Sealing.
Increased Shelf Life.
Increased Production.
Low waste Disposal.
Unit use of Packing.
Reduces Shipment Cost.
Customer friendly operation.
Easy to change for Different Pouch Sizes.
Photocell control system can automatically adjust & Correct the Inaccuracy of Printing Web registration "Eye Mark" within ± 1.5 mm

Filling Range 20-50 gms., 50-100 gms., 100-250 gms., 250-500 gms., 500-1000 gms.
Speed 35 to 50 filling per minute depending upon the product & quantity to be packed.
Accuracy Consistent Accuracy within permissible limits, even at higher output rates.
Sealing Type 3 Side Sealing / 4 Side Sealing / Centre Sealing
Power Consumption 2.5 Kw, 3 phase 440 volts
Packing Material Any heat seal able laminated film such as Polyester / Poly Paper / Poly, Glassine / Poly, Polyester / Met / Foil / Poly, BOPP / Foil / Poly etc.
Net Weight 600 Kilograms
Machine Dimensions 1760 x 700 x 2130 (mm) (L x W x H)

Note: We reserve the right to change design & modify specifications of ffs machines without notice.
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