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Hard Boiled Sugar Candy

Model No.: BP-1004
Candy Packing Machine
-------- FEATURES --------
Tailor made to suit specific requirements of each customer/product.
Backed by a service guarantee of highly trained engineers.
Wrapping capacity of 400-1000 candies a minute.
Can handle heat sealable laminates of all types.
Available in various models.
Spare parts available at short notice.

-------- APPLICATIONS --------
Bygone are the days and ways of wrapping up Candy with twisted wraps, now pillow wrapping Machine is here.
Pillow packs are not only hygienic but also keep the candy & other products fresh for longer time. And apart from this, pillow packs are practically impossible to imitate.
It's the age of pillow packs. Go ahead and give your Candy, Gum-ball, Chewing gum. Ayurvedic-drops and similar other products that need a better image & longer shelf-life

Capacity 300-500 / 600-900 pcs./min.
Power 0.5HP to 2HP
Electric Heaters 2.5 KW - 4.00 KW
Oscillator 500 Watts.
Weight 1000 kgs
Wraps Candy sizes upto (L) 22-36, (W) 13-18, (T) 6-16 mm
Wrapping Material All types of laminates, PET/POLY, PET, MET.PET/POLY CPP, BOPP
Dimensions L:1800  2400     W:1000  1700
H:1360  2000 mm

Note: We reserve the right to change Design & modify specifications without notice.
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