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Horizontal Pillow Wrapping Machines

Model No.: BP-1009
Horizontal Pillow Wrapping Machines
-------- SPECIFICATIONS --------
1. Sealing Type Centre sealing / Pillow type sealing
  Motor 1 H.P., 220 V/30/50HZ
  Heater 2 x 125 w
4 x 125 w at 110 Volts
  M/C Weight 700 kgs.
  M/C Dimension 3600 (L) x 1500(W) 2000(H)
2. Packing size (mm) L : 40-300, W : 20-125, H : 5-56
Enlarged type can be made on order.

-------- MACHINE CAPACITY --------
The capacity of the machine is dependent on the size of commodity to be wrapped. The speed will vary from 60 to 120 packets per minute.

The horizontal pillow wrapping machines can wrap all kind of commodities such as Biscuits, Candies, Wafers, Chocolate, Bars, Chewing gums, Soaps, Instant Noodles, Dry cells, Facial paper, Crackers and any other rectangular, square, round or irregular shaped products.

-------- FEATURES --------
Suitability to pack variety of solid Shapes & Material.
Capacity to pack variety of sizes with high speed & safety.
Pouch cut-off length can be calibrated by hand wheel.
All contact parts are made of stainless steel.
With design registration system.

-------- PACKING MATERIAL --------
Any heat sealable laminated film such as Polyester/Poly, Polyester/Met, Polyester/Poly, Bopp/Foil/Poly, heat sealable BOPP, Pearlised BOPP etc.

-------- OPTIONAL --------
Batch Printing Machine.

Machine Structure & Wrapping Process

wrapping machines

Note: We reserve the right to change Design & modify specifications of machines without notice.
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