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  Dosing Machine, Liquid Dosing Machine  

Liquid Dosing Machine with Conveyor

Model No.: BP-1100
Dosing Machine with Conveyor

Semi-Automatic Liquid Dosing Machine with conveyor and syringe type of pump to take pre-determined doses from 3ml to 200 ml in glass bottles, glass tumblers or any other packaging containers.

Speed 10-50 doses per minute
Quantity per fill 3 ml - 200 ml
Motor 1/2 H.P. variable speed moter with A.C Frequency drive
Conveyor Spike type conveyor for container movement with variable speed
Machine Dimensions 750 x 560 x 1200
Conveyor - 3 mtr length
Net Weight 300 Kilograms (appx.)

Note: We reserve the right to change Design & modify specifications of above dosing machine without a prior notice.
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